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     Frequently Asked Questions:

    Which kind of vehicles do you use?

    We use up to date vehicles sedan, minivans, vans all equipped with air condition, radio, cd player, G.P.S., Minibar.


    Are your prices per person?

      No, prices are per vehicle. Occupants will share the cost among themselves.
    How can I book my tour, transfer?

    Through our web site there’s a section booking on line that you can use.

     Legal Certification

    I’m the holder of an official license as a state-registered chauffeur. In Italy, this license is called N.C.C. This gives me access to off-limit city centres otherwise banned to private vehicles, and means I can save you a lot of walking. Above all, it guarantees to you the customer that I’m qualified and legally recognized by the Italian state to offer my services. I am a one-man business and registered as such with the chamber of commerce of Florence Italy, fulfilling all legal requirements.

    Do your prices include taxes?

    In Italy you pay a 10% VAT tax (Value added Tax) on our services already included in my prices.

    How do we finalize our booking?

    All I need to secure your booking is a Visa, MC or AMEX credit card number, exp date, holder’s name (as it appears on the card) and birth date. You can send it via e- mail.

    Did you receive my e-mail?

    I always reply to my e-mails within 12 hours but sometimes people do not receive them. Please make sure your anti-spam program does not automatically trash my reply. Thank you!

    How do we meet up at the airport?
    Our driver will have a sign with your name on it. We will also have your contact cell.phone number.

    How do we meet with your driver?

    Airport, Ship, Hotel, Train Station

    If you are arriving by air You’ll be met at the airport upon arrival as you specified. After collecting your luggage and clearing customs, you’ll be routed to the public lounge where throngs of people wait for passengers to come out. Many people will be holding signs including your driver displaying your name.  Make sure to have my phone number with you since you never know what can happen in a crowded and chaotic airport! Normally it takes about 20/30 minutes from the time when the plane lands until you actually get to the public lounge. If you see that it will take longer, for example if your luggage is lost or simply takes a long time to come out, please call me from on the phone or ask the custom officer to let you come out for a second to tell your driver you’ll be late. We normally start getting restless after 45 minutes and we don’t wait any longer than two hours from your plane’s landing time. From any Italian public or cell phone you just dial 392.9248553, but if you carry a cell phone registered outside of Italy you also need to dial the country code +39 so the whole sequence should be: +39 392.9248553

    If you are arriving by ship – You’ll find the car (van) parked right on the pier where your ship docks. Your name will be posted on its windshield.

    If we are picking you up at a hotel –  It surely isn’t a problem to meet my clients at their hotel, though it’s easier if they’re staying in a small hotel rather than a big one. The concierges of the small hotels know each and every one of their guests so when I go in and ask for my clients they have no problem directing me to them. That doesn’t always work when my clients stay in a big hotel. In this case it’s a lot easier for the clients to spot me than it is for me to spot them. Large hotels always have some space in front of the main entrance where I can park my car (van.)   When I get to the hotel,   I go to the concierge first and ask for my clients.   Typically,  he calls them in their room to announce me and I tell them that I’ll be waiting for them outside near the car.  If they’re not in their room and the concierge can’t find them I just go back outside and wait near the car.

    If you are arriving by train – Arriving at the station, just as you get off the train, there will be a person holding a sign with your name on it waiting for you along the platform where the train comes in. You should simply walk towards the front of the train until you see the driver.

    Do I have to leave a cell.phone number?

    Preferrably, yes, this is especially useful for those who arrive by train. During your train journey you may send him a SMS indicating your seat number in the train, this will enable him to help with your luggage.
    If your train is delayed, don’t forget to let your driver know, to avoid paying any supplement for unnecessary waiting time.

    What the cost of the tour includes?

    The cost of the tour include: car rental, driver’s service,taxes, parking,vat, tolls. Not include museum tickets, entrance fees, meals.

     Are your drivers guides?

    Our drivers are knowledge of the place but they’re not authorized guides, so they can’t come with you in to churches, museums, palazzo or walk with you.

    Our company can book a professional guide for you with an extra charge.

    They are able to give you an orientation of the city that you’re visiting, what are the most important museums, churches, streets, squares to visit and how to get there walking.

    How much does it cost to hire a car?

    The fees for this service vary greatly since distances vary greatly. Fees computation also varies when the service is requested for a whole day or more. It relly depends on the customers needs.

    Do you have Outlet tours in the afternoon?

    Yes. Meeting time and duration to be set upon booking 

    If I would like to change my itinerary how can I do?

    As our tours are private you can decide in any moment even at the beginning of the day to change your itinerary.

    Are the children welcome?

    For us children are very important so please tell us if you’ve children, how old they are and if you need baby seat. 

    Are the  dogs/cats  welcome?

    For us animals are very important so please tell us if you’ve  dogs/ cats. Free trasport!.

    How can I pay?

    In cash, by bank transfer or by credit card.

    Do we have to pay a deposit?
    Generally no, although sometimes, depending on the nature of the transportation involved, we may ask for one.

    Is it possible to extend the tour and how can I pay the difference?

    Yes, it’s possible, you’ll pay the difference at the end to the driver.