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    Duration: 8 hours
    Available Seat: 8

    First we visit Pisa with its Piazza dei Miracoli (Miracle Piazza) including its cathedral, its baptistery, ‘monumental cemetery’ and famous Leaning Tower.  These elements stand together and make up an architectural complex considered to be one of the most beautiful in Tuscany.  The Cathedral (‘Duomo) stands in the center of the Piazza dei Miracoli  while the monumental cemetery lies to the right of the Cathedral.  With its entire structure covered with marble, this Duomo  is a stunning masterpiece of Pisan-Romanesque architecture.  The Leaning Tower stands in front of the Cathedral.  It is about 56 metres in height.  A climb up the spiral stone steps of this 13th century tower is an experience not to be missed!


    Only 15 minutes away by car we find ourselves in Lucca called ‘la città delle cento chiese (the city of one hundred churches).  In fact, there are many churches both inside and outside the city’s   16th century walls.   Even though it is so close to Pisa this city has a completely different character.  The overall impression is to find oneself in a much more aristocratic city with a style more similar to cities of northern Europe than of Tuscany.  Its city centre and boundary walls have been perfectly conserved and it is one of the Tuscan cities in which it is still possible to see the power and importance that it once had in the past.  Among the items not to be missed are the church of San Michele in Foro, the church of San Giovanni e Reparata and the celebrated cathedral Duomo di San Martino.  The chapel of this cathedral, built by Matteo Civitali, still preserves the scultpure of the Volto Santo  (Holy Face).  Finally, one of the characteristics which render the city of Lucca unique in all of the world, is the Torre Guinigi  (Guinigi Tower) with its height of 44 metres and its stupendous holm which is placed on its summit.